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Experience the best New Zealand red meat with our 100% grass-fed Beef and Lamb and our pasture-raised Venison delivered to your door.


Raw lamb medallionsLamb Medallions in packet Lamb Medallions
10oz | 4 pieces per pack
Melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, perfect portions, and deep, complex...
Silver Fern Farms 72028 Current Price:   Current Price: $13.09  Original Price:
Raw lamb steaksLamb steaks in packet Lamb Steaks
8 oz | 2 steaks per pack
A beautiful lamb dinner is just one quick sear away.   Naturally t...
Silver Fern Farms 72027 Current Price:   Current Price: $12.19  Original Price:
Ground grass-fed lambgrass-fed lamb in a packet Premium Ground Lamb
1lb pack | 80% lean
Only the best shoulder cuts are used to create our premium ground ...
Silver Fern Farms 72029 Current Price:   Current Price: $15.99  Original Price:
Full Lamb bundleLamb Steaks 100% Grass-fed Lamb Bundle
Enjoy restaurant-quality cuts of sweet and tender New Zealand lamb ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410003
Beef New York Strip SteakNY Strip steak in packet New York Strip Steak
10oz steak
Worthy of the finest steakhouse, our aged 10oz New York strip stea...
Silver Fern Farms 31192 Current Price:   Current Price: $14.99  Original Price:
Beef New York Strip SteakSteak prepared as a meal New York Steak Meat Box
Enjoy a curated specialty box of 100% New Zealand grass-fed beef st...
Silver Fern Farms 9410010
Silver Fern Farms premium steak bundle, photo of raw cuts Premium Steak Bundle
Curated especially for steak lovers, this bundle includes classic c...
Silver Fern Farms 9410007
Chef's collection bundle Chef's Collection
This specially curated bundle showcases our finest, restaurant-qual...
Silver Fern Farms 941009
A selection of premium grass-fed beef, lamb and venison The Best of Silver Fern Farms
A perfect sampling of our very best cuts! This bundle contains our ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410004
Beef Eaters Meat BoxSilver Fern Farms Premium Ground Beef Burgers Beef Eaters Meat Box
Enjoy a curated selection of 100% Grass-fed beef from New Zealand. ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410013
Burger Bundle - Beef - Lamb - VenisonBurgers Burger Bundle
There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410005
Beef Rib Eye SteakSilver Fern Farms - Beef Rib Eye Steaks Rib Eye Steak Meat Box
Enjoy a curated specialty box of 100% New Zealand grass-fed beef st...
Silver Fern Farms 9410011

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For our community of close-knit farmers, work isn't just a livelihood, but a way of life. We approach raising our animals with kindness and good sense, using a light touch so that they can lead as close to a natural life as possible. Our grass-fed animals are living and eating well, and you are going to taste that care and respect in every bite.

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