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Experience the best New Zealand red meat with our 100% grass-fed Beef and Lamb and our pasture-raised Venison delivered to your door.


Venison bundle laid out on two cutting boardsVenison Medallions New Zealand Venison Bundle
With our herbaceous, velvety venison medallions and our extra lean,...
Silver Fern Farms 9410002
Steak Out Meat BoxFlat iron steaks cooked Steak Out Meat Box
Enjoy a curated meat box of 100% New Zealand grass-fed beef steaks...
Silver Fern Farms 9410012
Silver Fern Farms Gift CardSilver Fern Farms Gift Card Silver Fern Farms Gift Card
Can't decide? Need to get someone a gift? Bring the gift of New Zea...
Silver Fern Farms GIFTCARD15 Current Price:   Current Price: $15.00  Original Price:
100% Grass-Fed Beef EssentialsBeef sliders 100% Grass-Fed Beef Essentials
This meat box has everything you love from our New Zealand 100% Gra...
Silver Fern Farms 9410006
Beef Flat Iron SteaksBeef Flat Iron Steaks in packet Flat Iron Steak
10 oz pack | 2 steaks per pack
Our Beef Flat Iron Steaks are extremely tender, delicious and alway...
Silver Fern Farms 31191 Current Price:   Current Price: $11.99  Original Price:
Venison MedallionsVenison Medallions in pack Venison Medallions
10oz | 4 pieces per pack
These extra lean medallions showcase the delicate, herbaceous flav...
Silver Fern Farms 16225 Current Price:   Current Price: $17.69  Original Price:
Grass-fed Rib Eye SteakGrass-fed Rib Eye Steak in packet Rib Eye Steak
10oz steak
With bold taste and exceptional tenderness, our aged 10oz rib-eye s...
Silver Fern Farms 31193 Current Price:   Current Price: $16.99  Original Price:
100% Grass-fed Beef BundleSilver Fern Farms New York Strip Steaks 100% Grass-fed Beef Bundle
Explore the unique flavors and textures of New Zealand 100% Grass-f...
Silver Fern Farms 9410001
Love Lamb Meat BoxLamb Steaks Love Lamb Meat Box
Enjoy restaurant-quality cuts of sweet and tender New Zealand lamb ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410015
Lamb Medallion Meat BoxLamb Medallions used in a recipe Lamb Medallion Meat Box
Enjoy restaurant-quality cuts of sweet and tender New Zealand lamb ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410014

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For our community of close-knit farmers, work isn't just a livelihood, but a way of life. We approach raising our animals with kindness and good sense, using a light touch so that they can lead as close to a natural life as possible. Our grass-fed animals are living and eating well, and you are going to taste that care and respect in every bite.

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