5 Reasons to Gift Venison This Holiday

If you’re a little behind on your holiday shopping — we can help! Our pasture-raised venison boxes and mixed meat bundles are fantastic for the inspired cooks on your list who dig a beautiful piece of meat and for the people who don’t need a thing but value a unique experience, like trying a new food. They’re also perfect for the people you don’t know well but you want to do something special for, like your new partner’s parents.


Diced Venison



Premium Ground Venison

1lb | 95% lean


Venison Roast

14 oz | 1 piece per pack

Why is venison such a great holiday gift? There are so many reasons.

1. You get to shop your ethics.

Our venison is raised on family farms in New Zealand, where they roam freely in the bright sunshine and fresh air, foraging our lush grass pastures. Our farmers are passionate stewards of the land — from maintaining healthy soil to protecting clean creeks and streams. And, as a company, we hold ourselves to high environmental standards: We’re actively reducing our emissions and carbon footprint, removing plastic from our supply chain, and working toward 100% renewable energy. All of this means you can feel really good about sending your loved ones and friends a box of our beautiful venison and mixed meat bundles.

2. They get to have an awesome culinary adventure.

When it comes to food, it’s always fun to try something new. Venison has a different taste and texture than beef, pork, or lamb, and many people have never eaten it — or, even if they have, they’ve probably never tried our pasture-raised venison. When it’s raised in open, peaceful paddocks and allowed to graze freely, venison simply tastes better. Our meat is light, naturally lean, and ridiculously tender.

If your friends and family are into food, they’ll love learning how to cook venison and discovering another versatile and delicious meat.

3. We’ve got venison for every budget — and every cook.

At Silver Fern Farms, our butchers pride themselves on providing a variety of restaurant-quality cuts, and our venison range is no exception — we’ve got the perfect cut for all the cooks on your list. If you’re shopping for someone who’s just getting into cooking, you might want to go with our ground venison, which is perfect for everything from burgers to chili. For the steak lover? Venison steaks or medallions, of course. And for the family gourmet, we’d recommend the full venison range, so they can try out a bunch of cuts and textures. Cutlets, roasts, diced meat — there are so many options.

4. Nobody ever regifts a box of meat.

Giving someone a gift is the best — and even more so if they really love it. And who doesn’t love getting a box of beautiful meat? Nobody, that’s who. A gift of our pasture-raised venison is like money in the bank: there are so many useful (and fun!) ways to spend it. For example, when you need a last-minute weeknight dinner plan, there’s nothing easier than pulling ground venison out of the freezer and making burgers. But our velvety New Zealand venison is so special, it’s also perfect for celebrations, like holiday dinners and big, splashy birthdays.

5. We’ll even tell you how to cook it!

Speaking of holiday dinners: Our test kitchen has been hard at work preparing new venison recipes for the holidays, so you can follow up your gift with a link to our recipe section. What’s on our holiday menu? We’ve got a rustic harissa venison roast, pepper-crusted venison medallions in huckleberry glaze, and an easy-breezy venison chile con carne. (P.S. Our blog is also jam-packed with easy venison recipes for everday cooking.)

Doesn’t it all sound delicious? Don’t be afraid to throw an extra box of venison in the cart for yourself. Let the holiday fun begin! Shop Now.

Recommended Cut
Venison Roast

Our Venison Roast is a lean and tender, boneless single-muscle roast with a distinctive yet delicate flavor. This rich, flavorful cut has the velvety texture of New Zealand pasture-raised venison, delicious for all palates. Sear this cut and slow-cook, or fire up the grill and enjoy over a BBQ.

Pasture-raised Venison. No Added Hormones EVER. Ships Frozen

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Venison Roast at Silver Fern Farms