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Our Venison Range

Try the best of our grass-raised Venison range. Delicate, lean & tender. Enjoy the delicate flavor of naturally lean, pasture-raised New Zealand Venison. Our pasture-raised, free-farmed venison offers a delicate and consistent flavor that’s is unlike any you’ve had before.
Venison MedallionsVenison Medallions in pack Venison Medallions
10oz | 4 pieces per pack
These extra lean medallions showcase the delicate, herbaceous flav...
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Ground venison from Silver Fern FarmsGround venison in a packet Premium Ground Venison
1lb | 95% lean
Our lean, premium ground venison offers a new way to enjoy the del...
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Venison bundle laid out on two cutting boardsVenison Medallions New Zealand Venison Bundle
With our herbaceous, velvety venison medallions and our extra lean,...
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Venison CutletsVenison Cutlets in pack Venison Cutlets
10.5oz | 2 pieces per pack
Our Venison Cutlets are a unique and tender lean cut left on the bo...
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Venison SteaksVenison Steaks in pack Venison Steaks
7.75oz | 2 pieces per pack
Our Venison Steaks are naturally lean with the delicate and tender ...
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Raw venison diceDiced venison in packet Diced Venison
A favorite to cook low and slow, our Diced Venison is a winter warm...
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Venison RoastVenison Roast in pack Venison Roast
14 oz |1 piece per pack
Our Venison Roast is a lean and tender, boneless single-muscle roas...
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For our community of close-knit farmers, work isn't just a livelihood, but a way of life. We approach raising our animals with kindness and good sense, using a light touch so that they can lead as close to a natural life as possible. Our grass-fed animals are living and eating well, and you are going to taste that care and respect in every bite.

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