<span style="color: #000000;">Our Lamb Range</span>

Our Lamb Range

Enjoy restaurant-quality cuts of sweet and tender New Zealand grass-fed lamb at home.

Our lamb range is not only naturally lean but also comes from the best-tasting parts of the animal. That means our lamb range is consistently sweet, tender, succulent and delicious.

Lamb MedallionsLamb Medallions Lamb Medallions
10oz | 4 pieces per pack
Melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, perfect portions, and deep, complex...
Silver Fern Farms 72028   $13.09  
Lamb SteaksLamb Steaks Lamb Steaks
8oz | 2 steaks per pack
Naturally tender and juicy, our lamb steaks are simple and lean en...
Silver Fern Farms 72027   $12.19  
Premium Ground LambPremium Ground Lamb Premium Ground Lamb
1lb pack | 80% lean
Only the best shoulder cuts are used to create our premium ground ...
Silver Fern Farms 72029   $15.99  
100% Grass-fed Lamb BundleLamb Steaks 100% Grass-fed Lamb Bundle
A restaurant-quality selection of earthy-sweet, tender New Zealand ...
Silver Fern Farms 9410003

Delicious starts here...

For our community of close-knit farmers, work isn't just a livelihood, but a way of life. We approach raising our animals with kindness and good sense, using a light touch so that they can lead as close to a natural life as possible. Our grass-fed animals are living and eating well, and you are going to taste that care and respect in every bite.

Delicious starts here...