Perfectly Paired Lamb Steaks

Lamb Steaks are a popular choice for meat lovers who want a lean, juicy cut with a subtle sweetness. They are versatile, easy to prepare, and perfect for any occasion, from a weeknight meal to a special dinner with friends and family.

Our Silver Fern Farm steaks are cut from the topside or the silverside flat muscle of the lamb and then trimmed to ensure they are lean and consistent. To cook to perfection simply, heat a skillet or grill over medium-high heat and sear the steaks for 3-4 minutes on each side for a medium-rare finish. The result? A juicy, tender, and flavourful steak that pairs well with almost anything. 

One of the best things about Lamb Steaks is their versatility in the kitchen. They are great on their own seasoned simply with salt and pepper or paired with fresh herbs like rosemary, cilantro, or mint. They also work well with vibrant spice rubs or decadent glazes, such as a balsamic glaze or honey-mustard sauce. With their sweet, succulent flavor, Lamb Steaks are a great way to experiment with new flavors and recipes in the kitchen.

At Silver Fern Farms, we take great pride in the quality and sustainability of our lamb. Our flocks are 100% grass-fed, year-round, raised in a natural environment where they have access to lush, green pastures, clean air and pure water. We don’t give our animals hormones or antibiotics to ensure they grow and thrive in the most natural way possible. 

We believe this is not only better for the environment but results in better-tasting and more nutritious meat. Our 100% grass-fed lamb is higher in antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin E and has less saturated fat than lamb that’s grain-fed or factory raised. 

Whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, Lamb Steaks are a fantastic choice for any recipe. They are easy to prepare, versatile, and packed with flavor and nutrition. So why not try our grass-fed Lamb Steaks today and taste the difference yourself? From grilling, pan-frying, or no fuss fast-frying, we're confident you'll love the juicy, tender, and subtly sweet flavor of our Lamb Steaks. See our recipe inspiration on our website.