Melt-in-your-Mouth Lamb Medallions

We take great pride in our Silver Fern Farms Lamb Medallions, one of our signature cuts. We use only the highest quality, 100% grass-fed lamb raised year-round on lush, green pastures in New Zealand, resulting in a deliciously complex flavor that is mel-in-your-mouth and a real crowd pleaser.

The result is a delicious, nutritious cut of meat subtly sweet in flavor and succulent in texture. The grass-fed diet of our lambs produces natural marbling, which gives the meat a subtly sweet and succulent texture. And because our lambs are raised naturally, with little intervention, they are free from added hormones and we never use antibiotics unless it’s required for therapeutic reasons. True grass-fed also means animals have the ability to wander and graze freely, as they would naturally. This reduces stress and provides better living conditions than the confined, crowded conditions in feedlot farming systems, making our Lamb a healthier choice for you and your family. 

Lamb Medallions are oval-shaped pieces of meat cut from the eye of the lamb loin, are around 1.5-2 inches in diameter and are a real delicacy that are popular globally. The cut of meat is derived from the topside, silverside flat, and knuckle muscles of the lamb. We then trim them of all visible fat and silverskin for a consistent and lean cut every time. Our medallions come in 6 per pack which is perfect for 3-4 serves. 

Our Lamb Medallions are also incredibly versatile, cooked in a variety of ways, including grilling, roasting, or pan-frying. For a medium-rare finish, cook for 3-4 minutes on each side on medium-high heat. Integrating them into your meals is easy and delicious. For a healthy, satisfying meal, try ourLamb Medallion power salad with roast veggies. Simply, sear the Lamb Medallions in a hot pan, then slice and add to a bed of fresh couscous and roasted vegetables, drizzled with your favorite dressing.

Not only are our Lamb Medallions a delicious addition to any meal, but they are also packed with nutrition. Grass-fed lamb is lower in saturated fat compared to grain-fed lamb, making it a healthier choice for those looking to maintain a balanced diet. Grass-fed lamb is also higher in antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin E, essential for maintaining good health. 

So it’s no wonder these Lamb Medallions are a popular choice worldwide, appreciated for their tenderness, succulence and complex flavor. Try them today and experience the melt-in-your-mouth flavor that has made them our signature cut.